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​Welcome! Feel free to sit anywhere you like. Today's special is a mocha macchiato with __deeiane's chocolate chip cookie. Here in the Cafe we welcome everyone and hope they are comfortable playing on the server. If any issues arise don't be afraid to notify staff. Please make sure you check out the rules. If you plan on staying with us for a while feel free to create an account on the website as well as join the discord. 

No upcoming events at the moment


About Us

The Crunchy Cafe project started in June 2019. I started this because I was tired of playing on other servers with drama or unreliable staff.

It started out as just survival and eventually bloomed into a Minecraft Server Network of various game modes. Our goal is to create a place and community centered on just being calm and chill. We welcome anyone who wishes to join and offer ways to accommodate the different play styles of everyone. We encourage the staff to be hands-on with everyone so that we can provide some ofthe best service.


We are always

striving to grow and

add new things so

that it stays exciting.

If you  have any ideas

drop them in the discord.

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