The server hub is the central location for the network. It is where you first join the server and a location where you can change game modes. Within the hub, you will find the 6 portals that connect you to the different Minecraft game modes. The games we offer are - KitPvP - Survival - Skyblock - Creative - Anarchy - Pixelmon -

Every so often you will find us having an event in the hub where we can gather everyone from every server to do something fun together.


There once was this old great and powerful wizard. This old man retired from wizardry as he completed the one thing he wanted most in life; solitude. After spending a lifetime learning the arts of wizardry, he was able to create his own world, a world of endless sky and clouds. From there he handcrafted a landscape for himself to live in and make a humble home. Years went by and this old geezer became lonely he thought, "How about I open a tavern and connect it to the other great lands". And so this old man sat behind the bar anxiously waiting for someone to come but no one ever did. One gloomy day he had fallen asleep at the bar and suddenly there was a loud, ground shaking CRASH! He woke, jumped up, staff in hand ready to fight but no one was there. He stood wondering what it was. He was about to walk towards the door of his tavern when he heard 5 more loud slams into the ground. The man dazed and barely able to stand. He crawled out of the tavern to see these 6 great and mighty doors had appeared out of the sky. Was this a blessing or a curse?

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