You could call this OP Survival. It follows the motto of if everything is broken nothing is broken. Besides your standard Minecraft survival, the main goal is to reach the max level and gain all of the perks that go with it. You level up by earning money in-game which can be gained through Auction House, Player Shops, Jobs, selling items to the Admin Shop, and server events. When you first land in survival you start with some basic tools and a spawnable campsite to survive a couple of nights.

Some cool things that we offer are Enchanting Table Booting with Bookshelves, Custom Items, Commands, and Plugins, Elevators, Grief Prevention, Player Warps, VeinMiner, and much more!


Ever since the great quake, all of the townsfolk have disappeared. It was many moons ago on a calm bright night. There was a huge yellow flash and almost within an instant the world itself was being pulled into the sky. People stared off the edge watching the ground rip apart and they themselves floating up into the beyond. But then it stopped, and they were just stuck floating. It took many weeks but everyone was finally able to safely get down back to the ground and the homes now abandoned.

Decades went by and one day an adventurer stumbled upon this floating land, both intrigued and lost for words. While cautiously investigating the hole, the adventurer had noticed that some townsfolk had set up a village nearby and later on joined in the community and made it their home. After several weeks of gathering materials, the adventurer was finally able to make it up to the sky island to inspect it. With great surprise, the town that once was inhabited with life was still intact as if time has only passed for a few minutes. 

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